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    The preamp board wired up. This is the original preamp board. The circuit was adding a simple reverb circuit that totally ruined the sound of the amp so later we bypassed and removed this part of the circuit. The third socket from the left and its associated circuitry were removed.

    The preamp board wired up. This is the original preamp board. The circuit was adding a simple reverb circuit that totally ruined the sound of the amp so later we bypassed and removed this part of the circuit. The third socket from the left and its associated circuitry were removed.

Maker Faire 2011 – The Future of Education Panel by Element14

The 2011 San Mateo Maker Faire was a great success! So many wide-eyed kids (and adults) visited the element14 booth to witness a live taping of The Ben Heck Show, to see Ben Innes and the official unveiling of his stunning art installation piece as well as to see the culmination of the Great Global Hackerspace Challenge. This panel Features Jeri Ellsworth, Ben Heckendorn, and Mitch Altman. The panel Moderator is Michelle Dobson.

Make: Online | Krs – Hackerspace Electronics: From Nub to Ninja in Under a Year

Krs who learned electronics and went on to design electronic conference badges (and teaching others). She has the maker bug! “Krs – Hackerspace Electronics: From Nub to Ninja in Under a Year”….

via Make: Online | Krs – Hackerspace Electronics: From Nub to Ninja in Under a Year.

About Reflecting in the Chrome: A Nine Inch Nails Live Recording Archive!

Reflecting in the Chrome was created in 2008 at the end of The Lights in the Sky tour. Over the years NIN has been captured live by many people; there are hundreds upon hundreds of recordings. However, there was not a site that collected these recordings and shared them with NIN fans. RITC is an archive of Nine Inch Nails’ live recordings over the last 20 years. All recordings are available for download free of charge.

via About Reflecting in the Chrome: A Nine Inch Nails Live Recording Archive.

Surviving Pink Floyd Members Reunite at Roger Waters Show in London

The surviving members of Pink Floyd reunited onstage tonight at London’s 02 Arena during a stop on Roger Waters’ Wall tour – marking only the second time that Nick Mason, David Gilmour and Waters had played together in the last 30 years. Waters and Gilmour performed “Comfortably Numb” as the crowd at the arena went absolutely insane, and during the finale of “Outside the Wall,” Gilmour returned to the stage alongside Mason, who played a tambourine.

As he did on the original 1980/81 tour, Gilmour played his epic solo on the top of the Wall. Last July, Waters promised that Gilmour would play the song during one show on the tour, but drummer Nick Mason’s involvement was kept a secret. They last performed together at Live 8 in 2005. Original keyboardist Richard Wright died in 2008.

via Pink Floyd Reunite at Roger Waters Show in London | Rolling Stone Music.

Jeri Ellsworth: Race Car-Building & Driving, Roller-Derby Skating, Self-Taught Chip Designer And My Buddy!

Take one race car driver, give her a roller derby jersey with the name “Rectifier 1N34″ (sic) and access to some components, and who do you get? Jeri Ellsworth.When Jeri took the stage this morning at ESC Silicon Valley, keynote comparisons were made between Woz, the Tuesday keynote presenter, and her. The basics are that they are both nerds who were bullied, they both had amazing dads who encouraged them to become electronics kids, they both dropped out of school (Jeri out of high school, Woz out of college), and they are both very much self taught. Unlike Woz who went back to school after starting Apple, Jeri did not. In fact everything she’s done – and it’s a lot – is self taught.

Catch the full article here:  Jeri Ellsworth: Race car-driving, roller-derby skating, self-taught designer.

One day I was researching alternative ideas for a reverb circuit and chanced to run into a video recorded  by Jeri Ellsworth where she took an old floppy drive and floppy and figured out how to control it and feed audio into it and out of it in effect turning it into a delay/reverb unit! I got excited about this and though it turned out that the device  was not very musically valid for what I wanted it was still very cool and so I subscribed to her youtube channel. That was a couple years ago and since then Jeri and I have become tech buddies and supported each others endeavors in the tech video/article world (she much more than I unfortunately). If you do not know who this “Force Of Nature” is be sure to check out her youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/jeriellsworth or her website at http://www.jeriellsworth.com or just do a google search for her name on http://www.google.com to  find many many links to articles, stories, videos, and podcasts of her, by her, and for her! Jeri is currently working on a series of technical videos for both Element14 DIY parts supplier and Adafruit industries DIY parts supplier. Anyone who gets featured on the same keynote ticket as Steve Wozniak is a winner in my book!

Paul Stanley of KISS On Hearing Loss

A medical condition impacting his ability to hear did not stop legendary entertainer Paul Stanley of KISS from pursuing his dreams. Stanley made it big and he says you can, too.

In the video at the link Stanley goes on to mention visiting http://soundrules.org for instructions and tips on how to save your hearing. As a lifelong musician that suffers from partial hearing losses I cant help but to wholeheartedly agree!

via Paul Stanley of KISS.

LM386 Altoids tin amp – Hack a Day

Hacker friend and cohort Dino Segovis is back again with the fifth installment in his “Hack a Week” series. This time around he has put together a 1/2 watt audio amplifier that would make for a great weekend project. He’s a big fan of the LM386 amplifier chip because it does so much in such a small package. Since it is so versatile, he used it as the centerpiece of his Altoids tin amplifier.

via LM386 Altoids tin amp – Hack a Day.

The 2 Questions Every Entrepreneur Must Ask

Many entrepreneurs fall into the same cycle. Maybe you have as well. Are you in the cycle of working your fingers to the bone, just to keep your head above water? No exercise? No healthy food? And — let me guess — no time for your family? If that describes you, then you are indeed in the trap, my friend.

via Homepreneurs

The 2 Questions Every Entrepreneur Must Ask.

[Phillip Torrone] pleads for companies to open source discontinued projects – Hack a Day

Phillip Torrone has a great idea here and I fully support it. He makes his case for manufacturers to open source their discontinued, cancelled, or never been produced products. Millions of man-hours and technological research are going to waste when they could be contributing to increasing our societies skill levels and maybe even inspiring new technological advances.

[Phillip Torrone] pleads for companies to open source discontinued projects – Hack a Day.


I recently decided to try to find some of the old technology books I fondly remember reading as young boy. I recall reading this book in wonder and curiosity. I also recall at the age of 8 years old not really having a full grasp of the materials covered in this book. It served to introduce me to terms and some concepts that seemed fantastical to me but the auther seemed confident in what he wrote and so I struggled to wrap my young mind around the concepts and information presented. I never had any formal training in electronics outside of an Ohms Law class I took somewhere along the way and I suppose you might also consider some of the physics classes I took in college.  I was excited to find this book and I highly recommend it for anyone interested in learning electronics. The information is presented in easy to understand concepts and projects involving magnets and other simple items that are commonly available. I will say I noticed a few things that are no longer available but most are. You may right click this file HERE and choose “Save As” option to save it on your computer. It is covered under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included
with this eBook or online at http://www.gutenberg.org

Copyright, 1914, by THE NEW YORK BOOK COMPANY

What it’s worth: Tube testers – Electronic Products

Here is a great article a friend turned me on to about the worth of ancient electric items…
This appears to be part of a series.
It covers Tube Testers in depth.
Catch the link here:
What it’s worth: Tube testers – Electronic Products.

555 Contest Winners Announced!

Last night @ChrisGammell and @JeriEllsworth announced the 555 contest winners… Somehow I missed the live announcements but HERE is the link to the contests homepage where the recorded video announcement and the prize winners list may be found.

My congrats to all the winners but especially to everyone involved. There were lots of great entries. The judges were:

The top prize “The Mims/Camenzind Prize” is a painting of a 555 chip donated by artist GnomeNCandle and it went to:

Tom Jenner for his – 555 Servo Controller

I personally did not have an entry due to month-long chinese parts shipment schedules combined with having to move 30 miles and a broken wrist. I was planning on entering a replica of the 1937 Hammond Novachord made completely and accurately out of 555 timer chips. I still am going to build this but at a much more leasurely pace than the month-long time limit of the contest. I will not profess that it will have near the depth and beauty of sounds and tones as the original but it should approximate it fairly closely with all of the same features. You may find details of this glorious instrument and its tale of reconstruction here!

Lasers to replace sparkplugs?

I know its not music related but I feel its a good step for science and humankind!

Catch the link to the full story here:
For more than 150 years, spark plugs have powered internal combustion engines. Automakers are now one step closer to being able to replace this long-standing technology with laser igniters, which will enable cleaner, more efficient, and more economical vehicles.

100 Watt Custom Amplifier!

Marshall DSL 2000 gutted and rebuilt into a fiery ground shaking monster of an amplifier by Doug of Duo.Glassix. This amp combines charachteristics and circuts of a couple different well known amps. The resulting sound is that of Neal Youngs amplifier meets Zakk Wyldes amp and when the master volume is unleashed does not just thump your chest but rips your heart out and stomps on it! It has been called the meanest sounding amplifier on the face of the planet! I constructed an A/B/Y footpedal to take advantage of the parallel interactive channels (why is this feature not utilized more often). When channel 1 turned up all the way you get this sweet natural amp distortion while channel 2 if turned up 2/3rds of the way yeilds a deliciously warm woody clean jazzy sound that is to die for! The volume difference between the 2 channels is perfect for hitting that stinging solo tone while backing off the guitars volume cleans it up very nicely indeed. Some one asked for the schematics so here ya go! Enjoy!


From Marshall DSL 2000 ripped out by the guts!

This is the rectifier and power filtering circuitry.
It is pretty standard faire.
It uses a typical bridge rectifier with a 10H choke.
There are a pair of totem pole filters and a pair of Pi filters.
Also a negative bias supply circuit.
Also a 6.3 VAC heater circuit rated at 7 amps.


From Marshall DSL 2000 ripped out by the guts!

This is the power amplifier and phase splitter.
The output stage includes a pair of parallel speaker jacks.
There is a 4,8,16 ohm impedance selector swith.
Also a line out jack to connect straight to the board.
The Presence knob attenuates the high end sizzle.
This is a long tailed pair phase splitter.
It drives this quad of EL34’s into fire-breat​hing mode!


From Marshall DSL 2000 ripped out by the guts!

Here is where the magic is made.
This preamp has a pair of parallel triodes.
There is a bridge switch on the cathodes.
It induces interactiv​e vvolume controls on the channels.
Next is a cathode follower tone drive stage.
It and the tone stack are the same circuit used it a JTM45.
The master volume circuit is that of a typical JCM800 2203.
These two circuits together provide for some really amazing tones.


Marshall DSL 2000 ripped out by the guts!

Dead Flowers – Rolling Stones by Wes Yoder

 My friend Wes Yoder performs Dead Flowers by the Rolling Stones on acoustic guitar! Great job Wes! You can find Wes’s youtube channel at:


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