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    The preamp board wired up. This is the original preamp board. The circuit was adding a simple reverb circuit that totally ruined the sound of the amp so later we bypassed and removed this part of the circuit. The third socket from the left and its associated circuitry were removed.

    The preamp board wired up. This is the original preamp board. The circuit was adding a simple reverb circuit that totally ruined the sound of the amp so later we bypassed and removed this part of the circuit. The third socket from the left and its associated circuitry were removed.

Supro Amplifiers Are Back

I was browsing doing some research today when I stumbled upon a site claiming that Supro Amplifiers are back under construction again! Those who lust after that huge sound on the first two Led Zeppelin albums and some of Jimi Hendrixes studio stuff will be delighted to know that yes indeed they ARE back! Based out of NYC under the Absara Audio name it appears as though they have a few of the more popular amplifiers back in construction. I am excited to find one now and have been looking around online to find a distributor. Then of course I decided instead to see if they have a website up yet and of course they do! They have a pretty decent website too. It lists a lot of distributors here in the states.

Please go check them out at:

They have a Facebook presence as well at:

New Pink Floyd Album Titled “The Endless River”

New music from Richard Wright, Nick Mason, and David Gilmour representing themselves as Pink Floyd but missing bassist Roger Waters. The song is titled Louder Than Words from their new album releasing on November 10th. The album features Stephen Hawkings voice as well as work from Roxy Music guitarist Phil Manzanera and contributions from songwriters Anthony Moore and Polly Samson.

Here is a video link:

Magnetized Piano Harp

What if there were untapped notes and pitches lying dormant in one of the world’s most popular instruments? Then, what if somebody came along to awaken a new musical language in that ubiquitous instrument with the help of a few magnets?

Inventor Andy Cavatorta experiments with a piano harp and some interface hardware along with a laptop and some MIDI electronics and creates some of the most beautiful pad sounds I have ever heard.

Here is the link to the article in which he discusses his methodology:


Here is the link to the youtube video:

Not your average Danelectro BLT!

Not your average Danelectro BLT!
Original cost – $22.00
Added parts – $2.50
Time – 2 hours
Result – A pedal that should cost around $200.00

As you can see it’s all SMD surface mount stuff. I desoldered a single resistor and I replaced that with a 9mm 50K variable potentiometer with some random mixer knob I had laying around. I drilled a hole in the case to mount the pot. It turns out there is an indentation there that just wasn’t drilled out since the case is a standard device shared with this whole line of pedals just in different colors. The left over 6.8K resistor I then added across a cut I made to the circuit trace in series with the mix pot to pad the mix knob on the left in the clockwise direction to add a little of the dry mix in the sweep. The sweep went from totally dry to 50% wet/dry mix on the amount of delay effect. All I did was add more wet to about the last 4/5 of the rotation. I cannot go to full wet and its not a sound I am worried about. I still have the complete dry signal at counterclockwise position. After doing the mod I decided that this tweak though possible, is not worth the effort. It is effective though and works fine.

The pot I added in the first mod controls the time. These pedals as originally stock are set to a fixed slap back amount of time. I made it adjustable. This is the same thing a lot of expensive delay or slap back or one shot delay or echo pedals use. Other mods that can be done to this are that you can change the tone filter network or make it adjustable with a better random EQ system etc… With the rate knob addition, this pedal can be played as a delay synth while you are DJing for a nice echo effect or you can sweep it to get Echoplex type swoops with the pitch though it sounds rather digital compared to tape, its a nice effect. It also works great as a guitar pedal as a set and forget device. I have a mind to re-house the circuit boards into a Wah or Volume pedal type of rocker pedal case and make the delay rate sweep-able by rack and pinion gear set like the Cry Baby. Digital sounding Echoplex on a rocker varying the pitch. Can anybody say “Jimmy Page solo”? One could also just do the same with the feedback knob or the mix knob. I suppose one could make a 2 or 3 rocker pedal that you can dance on!

As for video, to hear what it sounds like stock go search on YouTube for the Danelectro BLT Slap Echo pedal. Then imagine what it would sound like if you took that sound and made the time rate adjustable. The repeat knob goes from no repeats to feedback but is rather clean until you start getting up towards 4/5ths the way before feedback occurs, and then it acts as a pitch adjust knob. Its a good pedal and yes it does look old and stained and beat up. That’s how much I have used this pedal. I don’t have any photos of the stock pedal but all I did was add the big knob in the middle and the mix padding resistor.

Photo Album! –> Danelectro BLT Slap Echo Possibilities Unlocked!


101 Ways to Make Money as a Musician DIY Musician Blog

101 Ways to Make Money as a Musician By Guest June 3, 2013{ No Comments } This is a guest post from Philip Taylor, editor-in-chief at PT Money, where the focus is on fixing your finances so you can build the life you want. His podcast features interviews with successful part-time entrepreneurs. Here’s Philip…There are a ton of different ways to make money as a musician. I’m not suggesting that everyone can make money with each of these ways. But I can promise that you can make money using at least one of these ways.I present to you 101 ways to make money as a musician.

via 101 Ways to Make Money as a Musician DIY Musician Blog.

“Silver & Light” with Ian Ruhter

Ian Ruhter makes some remarkable tin-type wet plate photography. I found a great interview by Jonah Samson of http://www.coolhunting.com and happened to find his Vimeo page then was off to Ians website.

Here is a photo sample of some of his work which is simply astounding and hauntingly beautiful and he does it all with “Silver & Light”! See below to catch his really cool video on how he makes these natural beauties.

Ian Ruhter Portrait

Ian Ruhter Portrait

As promised here is Ians “Silver & Light” video!

The Evolution of the Police Car – #8 – By the 1950s, automakers had begun offering “police packages,” such as this 1956 Dodge Coronet.

The Evolution of the Police Car - #8 - By the 1950s, automakers had begun offering

The Evolution of the Police Car

The Police Package

After World War II, American automakers began bundling the special options most often ordered by police departments into a special police packages. Ford unveiled its police package in 1950, Chevrolet in 1955 and Dodge in 1956. These cars might have looked like their consumer counterparts, except for the fancy paint jobs and lights, but they were anything but ordinary. The sheet metal hid serious improvements to both performance and protection. Police cars became much tougher and more resilient than their regular street counterparts. In 1956, Chrysler’s first official police package was offered on Dodge Coronets. A year later, Dodge offered a package with the 325 Hemi engine, with a variety of performance enhancements and 310 horsepower.

via The Evolution of the Police Car – MSN Autos#8#8.


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